Contact us

Contact us
You can find us at the following addresses:

Central Office
Address:Camacho Avenue and Loayza Street No 233, Mariscal de Ayacucho Building, 13th floor, Office 1311.
Telephone: (591-2) 2201434

Commercial Contact
Address: Av. 6 de Marzo No713 (Cruce Viacha)
Telephone: (591-2) 2823314

El Alto Plant
Address: Zona Pucarani Industrial, Av Nestor Galindo, esq. Hilbo No100
Telephone:(591-2) 2850116 - (591-2) 28501960

Challapata Plant
Address: Calle Final Rengel, almost at the corner of German Busch Avenue, in front of the courthouse.

Av. Camacho y Calle Loayza Nº 233, Edif. Mariscal de Ayacucho, piso 13, Of. 1311

Teléfono: +591 22201434

WhatsApp: +591 67063699