Production chain

Challapata Plant - Oruro

Challapata Plant - Oruro
For the process of quinoa processing in its different ecotypes, we have BUHLER industrial machinery of Swiss technology, having a production capacity of 4 tons/hour, the same that is certified with the ISO 22000 - 2018 by the international certifier TÜV Rheinland, which guarantees to all our customers that the quality control processes and safety during production are the most demanding, always ensuring to meet all the expectations of our most demanding customers.

Reception and storage of raw material
For raw material storage, the Bühler plant has a system of metallic silos, with a storage capacity of 1000 tons of quinoa that comes from our regional organizations.

Processing system
The processing system of the Bühler line of processed quinoa is automated and continuous from the reception of raw material until the finished product is obtained, in compliance with the established norms to guarantee quality and innocuous products.

Dry cleaning process
The dry process begins with the feeding of raw material to the feed hopper, to pass continuously to the other equipment such as the classifier, destoner, in which any impurities, stones and quartz are removed from the raw material.

Horizontal scarifier
This process is where the cleaning of the grain is performed with the extraction of the saponin by rubbing the product and the dust is sucked by air extractors.
Challapata Plant - Oruro
Challapata Plant - Oruro
Wet cleaning process
The clean grain enters the washing process where it is fed into the system starting with the cleaning of the grain, eliminating the stones in the first phase by weight difference, then the product is rinsed, which by centrifugation is transferred to the first dryer by means of the conveyor belt and the pneumatic system elevator.
Drying process
The drying process is carried out in the two dryers implemented at a temperature higher than 75 ºC.
Sorting process
The objective of this process is to eliminate impurities and obtain by-products such as quinoa rejection and second quinoa, this from the densimetric.
Metal detector
This detector works as a magnet that accumulates and recovers the volcanic stones and others that have metallic content.
Optical selector
This is the last phase of classification, the grain is transported through a bucket to the upper part of the sorter, which is controlled by a control board where calibration and color sensitization is performed to classify the grain, eliminating grains that do not comply with the color characteristics or show deterioration.
Ozonizer Equipment
This is the last production process, the purpose of this equipment is to eliminate from the product any type of microbiological contamination that may exist in the product.

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