Production chain


Who are we? 
PROQUINAT"Natural Quinoa Production Program", is an organization created in 1992 by the National Association of Quinoa Producers "ANAPQUI", was organized in the need to preserve the ecosystems in the face of a vertiginous degradation of the environmental quality at that time, and was the mainstay to enter the organic production.

The Natural Quinoa Production Program "PROQUINAT", technical arm of ANAPQUI, follows up on the organic production norms (our own basic norms of organic production agreed upon at the national level and external certification norms), always taking care of the sustainable part of our mother earth and the environment, making some recommendations in the quinoa producing communities, more precisely in the pilot communities, traceability and proper management of our soils, ensuring fertility, types of protection, preventive controls, in order to have more reliable and healthy products to continue opening export markets with organic quality products.

What are we doing?

Currently, PROQUINAT is promoting the organic production systems of royal quinoa in the southern highlands of Bolivia (in 15 regional associations affiliated to ANAPQUI), taking care of the registration, control, monitoring and internal certification of the entire production chain of royal quinoa, which is known as Internal Control System "SCI", which is the basis for the external certification of all ANAPQUI.
We generate friendly technology through the development, research and production of organic bio-inputs in the first biotechnological plant in the southern highlands of Bolivia, which is the intellectual and operational property of the producers themselves, who are now once again the managers of their own development.

What is our scope?

PROQUINAT is within the ANAPQUI scheme, covering 204 communities in the provinces of Nor Lopez, Daniel Campos, Antonio Quijarro, Enrique Baldivieso in the department of Potosi, Ladislao Cabrera and Sud Carangas in the department of Oruro, currently serving 2220 families of producers in the process of certification and resting.
Data of producers in the organization:

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