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Quality policy

Quality policy
In the National Association of Quinoa Producers (ANAPQUI), we consider the quality and safety of our products as our greatest responsibility and commitment within our food safety management system. ANAPQUI's top management formally declares the need to maintain and improve our food safety management system, basing its principles and general objectives on the following commitments:

Promote the continuous improvement of the food safety management system, ensuring the permanent adequacy to the operational reality of the organization and guarantee safe products, thus maintaining our leadership in the market.

Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to food safety and quality, as well as the requirements of our national and international customers, through excellence in the quality and food safety of our products.

Quality policy
Quality policy
Establish and review the objectives and goals in accordance with the commitments assumed in this policy, for the effective implementation of these principles, it is necessary the support of both the management team and the workers in general.
Maintain effective communication mechanisms with our internal and external public, allowing interactivity between the parties involved.
Train and raise awareness among the organization's personnel for the correct development of all activities, carrying out Good Practices in terms of quality and Food Safety, as well as providing a safe work environment that allows us to maintain high standards of hygiene and food safety. This commitment is part of ANAPQUI's culture and must be communicated and assumed by the entire organization.

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